Chevrolet Colorado

This is on the lower end of the list when it comes to power, but it’s a comfortable option for your employees. While it might not be able to tow as much as the Silverado HD, it offers a great interior that you’re sure to enjoy.

  • Max Available Tow Rating of 7,700 Pounds
  • Up to 430 lb.-ft. of Torque

Chevrolet Silverado

This is the classic choice. Most drivers on the road are familiar with the Silverado, so your drivers should have an easy time adapting to it when they’re behind the wheel.

  • Max Available Trailering Rating of Up to 13,300 Pounds
  • Up to 495 lb.-ft. of Torque

Chevrolet Silverado HD

If you’re looking for a step up in power, then this is where you’ll find it. The Silverado HD can move an immense amount of weight.

  • Max Available Payload Rating of Up to 7,234 Pounds
  • Max Available Trailering Rating of Up to 36,000 Pounds

Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cab

The best part of a Chassis Cab is the fact that you can customize it however you want. If you have a specific job in mind, there’s a good chance you can modify the Chassis Cab for it.

  • Max Available GCWR of 40,000 Pounds
  • Max Available Payload Rating of Up to 6,777 Pounds

Chevrolet Silverado 4500 HD/5500 HD/6500 HD

If you’re looking for the strongest truck, then the 6500 HD should do the trick. When you need to move everything from coal to steel beams, you can count on the HD series.

  • Max Available GVWR of 23,500 Pounds
  • Up to 10 Auxiliary Switches

Chevrolet Express Cutaway

The Express Cutaway offers three different wheelbase lengths and two powertrains, so you’ll have a lot to figure out before you even start upfitting it. If you want to take a look at the Express Cutaway, and you’re near Ontario, Riverside, or Upland, then you can stop by Mark Christopher Fleet.

  • Up to 401 Horsepower
  • Max Payload Rating of Up to 8,920 Pounds

Chevrolet Low Cab Forward

This is a bit different from the other entries on this list, as this vehicle is incredibly long. You should have no trouble loading it thanks to its huge available payload rating.

  • Up to 660 lb.-ft. of Torque
  • Max Available Payload Rating of Up to 22,657 Pounds

Chevrolet Express Vans

Trucks tend to be best for industrial use, but your business might not specialize in that. If you need a van so that you can ship your product, transport your crew, and more, then you can look at the Express Van.

  • Up to 401 Horsepower
  • Up to 464 lb.-ft. of Torque