Why the Right Truck Can Help Plumbers

Since plumbers generally travel to their clients and work on plumbing issues onsite, a vehicle is an integral part of their business. However, not just any truck will do. If you’re shopping for a vehicle, you need to know what you’re looking for and how a truck can help you in your business.


One of the most important aspects of a truck for a plumber is the options for organization. The old adage, a place for everything and everything in its place, is critical for a plumber to optimize their time.

When a truck interior is organized, it can contain more parts and supplies, which reduces the number of trips back to the shop or office or to the supply store. Another benefit is the plumber can upsell to customers when they carry the parts with them.

Today’s trucks and vans have a ton of space that is better utilized. You can add shelving, racks, hooks and other organizational tools to improve efficiency. Multiple bins can carry dozens of small parts, which are easy to find when you need them.


You also want a truck that is practical. This may mean something different for everyone, but one area most would agree on is efficiency. A truck that is outfitted with aluminum storage will be lighter-weight to improve mileage.

Another concern is comfortable work space. Some vans come with a taller cargo area, so you can stand up and work. For a plumber who is working long days, it means less stress on the back and legs if you must stay bent over or kneeling to work.

A feature many plumbers appreciate is multiple doors. Some vans include a side door as well as a rear door. This allows them more options for loading and unloading, especially if they can avoid being out on the street as they move their equipment.


All vehicles today have been updated to include modern technology. However, what they include can vary based on model and trim level. For instance, base trims may not include a touchscreen while upper level trims offer a large touchscreen and navigation assistance. If you’re a plumber who travels into unfamiliar territory, navigation can reduce your driving time.

Backup sensors make it easier to back into a space or out of it and work well with rearview cameras, which are standard on most modern vehicles. Other technology can enhance your workday, turning your truck into a mobile office, while safety systems help you keep your focus when you’re tired after a long day on the road.

If you’re looking for a truck to use in your plumbing business, talk to Mark Christopher Fleet. We can help you compare models and decide which one has the features that best enhance your work.