Choosing the Right Truck – HVAC

When selecting a truck for your HVAC business, you want to consider all of the necessary features. This vehicle becomes a partner in your company as it helps get you to your next job and transports your tools and equipment. It also represents your company through the design. Consider carefully the options available to you before you select your next HVAC vehicle.

Van or Truck?

The first question you must answer is whether you need a commercial van or truck. Both are useful in the HVAC industry, but they are quite different in how they can help. A van can easily become a mobile office where you can do almost all the tasks you would back at your worksite. You can organize tools and equipment along the sides of the van and complete most work orders onsite. This makes the customer happy because they don’t have to wait for the job to get done.

A truck can haul more stuff because you can have it pull a trailer with equipment and supplies. It comes with more power and towing capacity, which can be important if you work on developments and other large projects.

Protection and Security

You must consider how you will secure your tools and equipment when you are away from the vehicle. Lockable storage protects your investment from theft as well as the weather. Trucks can be outfitted with storage boxes on the bed, which are lockable. Vans can be customized with pegs, shelves, bins and cabinets.

If you need to tow a trailer, you’ll want to ensure it can’t be easily removed. Think about where you will be working as well as what you’ll be doing. You may need more security if you leave the vehicle at a remote job site than if you are working at a customer’s home or business.

Technology and Convenience

Modern vehicles come loaded with technology and convenience features. However, not all of them are included on the basic model. For instance, backup cameras are standard, but backup sensors are often an added option. If you regularly work in tight quarters, you may benefit from parking assistance.

Don’t forget about the multimedia systems that are available today. You can quickly turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fit hotspot, which is beneficial when it is your mobile office. If you call customers when you’re en route, you may find it necessary to pair your smartphone with the vehicle for quick access to addresses, messages and other apps. Navigation help can assist you in finding your next job in less time, so you can be more efficient.

Cab Size

If you work alone, you may not worry about the size of the cab. However, seating will be an issue if you have a crew that you take to jobsites. From regular cabs to crew cabs on up to mega cabs, you’ll find a truck that offers ample room for you and your workers.

If you’re ready to buy a truck for your HVAC business, come see the sales team at Mark Christopher Fleet. We understand the unique challenges and considerations that come from commercial customers who need the right transportation.