Choosing the Right Truck – Landscaping

As a landscaper, your job takes you from one customer to the next. The right truck is essential to getting your job done effectively and efficiently. You have several things to consider when choosing the pickup that will partner with you in your business.

Transport Service

Your pickup will do more than just take you from one job to the next. It must carry everything you need to get the job completed. You’ll need room for your tools and equipment, supplies like dirt and mulch, and a place to conduct the paperwork side of the business.

Consider the towing weight to ensure it can pull tractors, sprayers and other equipment you need. You may need to tow a trailer with two or three large pieces of equipment as well as heavy materials, such as rock, dirt or concrete mix.

Consider Your Crew

Are you a one-man business or do you have a crew? This question will impact the cab size you need. If you bring along two or three workers, you’re going to be looking at a crew cab for ample passenger space.

While you are thinking about your current needs, consider if you plan to grow and add employees later on. Perhaps you need to hire summer help even if you work alone during the off-season.

Fuel Efficiency

While trucks aren’t noted for being the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road, some are more economical than others. If efficiency is important, you may prefer a compact or mid-size truck over a full-size model. Of course, that won’t work if you must tow heavy loads. However, you want to balance out strength with fuel economy when you can.

Fuel efficiency will play a greater role if you travel further distances. For example, someone who mainly drives around town will have different needs than someone who drives up and down interstates and other major highways.


Thanks to modern technology, you can turn a truck into your mobile office. You’ll want to think about what kind of features you want to help you do your job. Many models include navigation, which is important if you travel to new or unfamiliar territories. You may want the vehicle to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot in case you need to get online while you’re out.

Many models allow you to pair your smartphone to the truck, so you can easily access contacts, messages, email and other apps while on the go. It’s important to note that some of these features are included in the base model while others are only available in the higher trims. A business that operates mainly from the truck will often need more conveniences than one that has a base office at a physical location.

If you’re in the market for a new truck for your landscaping business, stop by Mark Christopher Fleet. Check out our selections of trucks and find one that has what you need to make your company successful.