Why the Right Truck Can Help Electricians

An electrician often works on-site, many times in locations far away from the office or supply store. Rather than running back and forth and wasting valuable time, a truck can keep everything the electrician needs on hand.

Customization is Key

While modern trucks come equipped with a lot of bells and whistles in their features, the most important one is the ability to be customized. A commercial electrician will have different needs than a residential professional.

You will need to determine if storage is a primary concern or if you need space to work inside. For example, a truck with a utility body would provide for your storage needs, but a van with a raised height might be better for a workspace when you need to stand up. Boxes and shelves need to be secured while holsters would hold larger tools in place.

If you need more space than what your van would allow, a truck with the option of towing a trailer might be the best option. The truck will have the power you need to haul heavy equipment or more supplies.

Consider Your Options

Some of the best options for an electrician include both cargo and utility vans as well as pickup trucks. Which one is right depends on what you need.

Cargo Vans

Get maximum storage with cargo vans. Everything is enclosed to stay out of the elements and for safety. They are also often designed to be slimmer to fit in tight space like alleys. Parking is also simpler with a cargo van, which is beneficial on a busy worksite or construction site.

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Service Utility Vans

This is the second level vehicle in price with premium storage and organization. You can use dividers to keep things separate, shelves, and lighting to help you be better organized. These vans can be personalized based on the company or electrician’s requirements.

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Pickup Trucks

Trucks are the top choice when it comes to versatility. While they often don’t have the fuel efficiency that comes with the vans, they come with more power. You can tow a trailer for extra equipment while loading the bed with various tools and supplies. Get a double cab to bring along more workers.

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Within each of these categories, you will find numerous models. Each one is loaded with the latest technology and many features for comfort and convenience as well as productivity. It’s best to compare the choices available to determine which one is best for your business.

Talk to Mark Christopher Fleet if you are in the market for a vehicle for an electrician. See what models we have available and how we can customize and upfit them to fit your needs and enhance your business’ productivity.